Selling of Chemical Laboratory Glassware

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The constantly growing demand requirements of Russian enterprises for industrial chemicals was the main reason for us to develop activity in this area. During the last 16 years we have established good business relationships with the leading producers of industrial chemistry.

The assortment list of technical chemistry we supply includes more than 200 positions, including:

  • various acids (nitric, sulphur, boric, hydrochloric …)
  • industrial oils and lubricants
  • solvents
  • reagents for oil and gas industry - various inhibitors, flotoreagents
  • reagents for hole treatment
  • reagents for building - during our hard winters building companies cannot do without various antifreezing and anticorrosive additives for concrete
  • catalysts - silica gels, zeolites, etc 

We give special attention to delivery of large-tonnage chemical agents. A great amount of organizational work is being carried out together with the railway enterprises to get freight cars, containers and tank-cars for our company.

More than 50% of our sales are exported to countries of the near abroad and the geography of our deliveries is constantly expanding. We are planning to develop in this direction by representing foreign manufacturers of chemical products on the markets of Russia and the near abroad. We are proud to supply all our customers with the highest quality products. We are open to establish new relationships with all members of Russian and foreign chemical markets to mutual benefit.

We are pleased to invite you to electronic pages of our catalogue!

We have collected information about more than 6000 items for laboratory!

We supply laboratory equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as “Huber” (high-precision thermostatic equipment), “Sartorius” and “A&D” (weighing equipment), “Rheotek” (automatic viscometers), “Metrohm” (titrators), “SNOL” Umega (drying boxes and electric ovens), “Biohit” (liquid handling equipment), “Memmert” (incubators), “Ika” (wide assortment of laboratory equipment ranging from magnetic shaker to calorimeters), “Thermex” (Russian thermostatic equipment), “Vzor” (electrochemical analyzers), “Ecohim” (laboratory equipment), “Lumex” (fluid analyzers of different complexity levels), “Lintel” (petroleum and its products analyzers)…

Our catalogue includes the most popular items of “Panreac” chemical products, “ECOS-1” extra pure solvents, reagent grade materials for chromatography, the widest range of chemical reagents, industrial chemistry of Russian, European and Chinese manufacture.

“Laboratory glass” is represented by the products both of Russian manufacturers, such as “Vasilyevskiy glass factory”, “Khimlaborpribor”, “Rechitskiy porcelain factory” and foreign partners, such as “Schott”, “PLC Rheotek”, “Vitlab”, “Deltalab”.

We would like to draw your attention to the series of metal laboratory furniture “KWADRO” of our own manufacture.

You may find and download our electronic catalogues here.

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