Selling of Chemical Laboratory Glassware

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The choice of equipment for crushing and abrasion depends mainly on the material of a crushed product, coarseness of raw material and required product. Productive capacity is also a very important factor.

Ore-dressing and metallurgical plants widely use wet and dry screening machines which operate with high screening accuracy even with moist and clay materials. They are easy to operate and are adapted for both synthetic and metallic screen decks.

We are capable of supplying laboratory equipment (crushers, mills, vibrating screens, separators, flotation machines, pulverizers, sample splitters) for research and educational institutions, industrial enterprises and prospecting teams.

Apart from crushing equipment of Russian manufacturers we offer the products of “Retsch” company (Germany).

Retsch crushers and mills stand for first class reduction results. From hard-brittle to oily-watery: there is always a suitable solution. Retsch offers a range of equipment unique in its diversity, which is optimally adjusted to the material characteristics of your sample and delivers you the ultimate fineness you need for the ensuing analysis. When you work with Retsch mills you are guaranteed a quick, precise and flexible sample preparation. Retsch offers you a comprehensive programme of grinding sets and optional accessories to adapt the mills to your individual preparation task.

We are pleased to invite you to electronic pages of our catalogue!

We have collected information about more than 6000 items for laboratory!

We supply laboratory equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as “Huber” (high-precision thermostatic equipment), “Sartorius” and “A&D” (weighing equipment), “Rheotek” (automatic viscometers), “Metrohm” (titrators), “SNOL” Umega (drying boxes and electric ovens), “Biohit” (liquid handling equipment), “Memmert” (incubators), “Ika” (wide assortment of laboratory equipment ranging from magnetic shaker to calorimeters), “Thermex” (Russian thermostatic equipment), “Vzor” (electrochemical analyzers), “Ecohim” (laboratory equipment), “Lumex” (fluid analyzers of different complexity levels), “Lintel” (petroleum and its products analyzers)…

Our catalogue includes the most popular items of “Panreac” chemical products, “ECOS-1” extra pure solvents, reagent grade materials for chromatography, the widest range of chemical reagents, industrial chemistry of Russian, European and Chinese manufacture.

“Laboratory glass” is represented by the products both of Russian manufacturers, such as “Vasilyevskiy glass factory”, “Khimlaborpribor”, “Rechitskiy porcelain factory” and foreign partners, such as “Schott”, “PLC Rheotek”, “Vitlab”, “Deltalab”.

We would like to draw your attention to the series of metal laboratory furniture “KWADRO” of our own manufacture.

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